Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oceana Infographic - a glimpse

I've been working on an infographic for Oceana, the nonprofit organization that works on ocean conservation. This is the bottom corner of it with the group's new logo. It is for their campaign to stop seismic airgun testing off the Atlantic coast, an issue that is right in my backyard.

I made an infographic a year or so ago explaining the issue. Here is an excerpt (full graphic found at

I used to work for Oceana as an attorney, but since I stopped, they have hired me as a graphic designer/ illustrator, which is great. I get to work with some of my favorite people in my new line of work.


  1. It's great! How nice to still play a part for a great cause doing what you love.

  2. I love your infographics! And I find it super cool that you're doing this for Oceana. :)