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Create One a Day is a daily challenge: do one creative act a day for as long as you can (a month, a year, or more). Document it on a blog or other site. It can be a piece of art, a dinner you make, a photograph you take, or a finely crafted sentence. 

Share your site with me and I'll post it on the sidebar of this site. We have no other incentives, swag, prizes, or inspirational guest speakers. But you will end up with the satisfaction of accomplishment and a creative habit.


I'm a children's writer and illustrator inspired by oceans, aliens, bunnies, cephalopods, and more. 

This space documents at least one creative thing I do each day. It can be a piece of art, writing, food, photo, or performance art (well, you wouldn't want to see that). The only rule is that it is something that did not exist in the world before the day I post it. 
You can find out more about me elsewhere on the interwebs:

  • Kidlit411 (a kidlit resource website I help run).

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