Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Farm #Kidlitart28

© Sylvia Liu
I'm having too much fun with my new Photoshop brushes. This is another pack that includes gouache and pastel (Kyle's Megapack: 120+ Real PS Brushes) (an affiliate link)


  1. I can tell you're having fun! :) I have brush envy now. LOL!

    1. You know what you have to do -- get a Wacom tablet, Photoshop, a printer, a scanner, etc etc :p

    2. And after we take out a second mortgage on the house... Hahaha! Hubby looked at me sternly when I told him about getting the Wacom and said that I have a million pieces of art supplies (watercolor, pastels, etc) that I haven't used up in my art room... Busted!

  2. I had to draw a barn in my zombie book, it was so hard. This is amazing. The colours are so warm, I just want to curl up in the hay.